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Friday, January 23, 2009

This is cadet-lyric and I on the fungwah bus from New York to Boston. I'm not sure if you've heard but Lyric is ICU (New Orleans or Baton Rouge?) with carbon monoxide poisoning. She's making baby steps in the right direction, but its still unclear whether she will fully recover. It would be nice to share photos or stories or whatever.

Say a prayer, smoke a joint, do your own thing, but do something! Maybe in doing so she will receive the positive energy she needs to be well again?


Cadet Tom said...

is fungwah the $15 bus from chinatown to chinatown? is that fun? do they allow livestock on the bus?

i didn't hear about lyric :C i will pray, and maybe do drugs too. that fucking sucks. rrr.

Cadet Jared said...

thats the one! Its fun, screaming children aside. They wouldn't let me bring the sheep on the bus. Feel free to try other animals as they may just be allergic to wool? It looks like Lyric is going to be OK:)

admiral alanna said...

lyric, no!!!! is she doing any better now? oh geez, i wish i had read this sooner..